Why Purchase our Products

Because they are manufactured completely in Italy, with competence, quality, and design stemming from over 30 years of experience in the field.

Because they are evolved, flexible, intelligent and effective devices, but simple and quick, both for installation and also, mainly, for use.

Because they are open and expandable systems: Silentron is one of the few electronic companies whose current products are compatible with those of 10 years ago: an expense which lasts in time.

Because they are the fruit of accurate design, which first of all takes the user's needs into account: the first tests of the new products are carried out in the designers' and Company managers' homes.

Because they are put on the market through specialised distribution Centres, able to supply professional assistance and qualified technical service in time.

Some advice for the final customer:

Quote: in contracting an alarm system, requesting and obtaining an exhaustive quote is important to avoid subsequent unpleasant discussions. Beware of not very detailed "quotes", which may hide unpleasant surprises. The Silentron installers have a complete and clear quote model.

- Documentation: all the devices supplied in contract by the installer are accompanied by the manufacturer's technical documentation. Requesting and reading the documentation is useful to fully understand what one is purchasing. In the Silentron website it is however possible to download all the documentation of all the products.

Start - up: it is necessary to ascertain that the installer carries out all the necessary tests to verify and guarantee correct operation of the supplied and installed devices. A superficial attitude in this aspect may overlook the identification of defects the correction of which may be very expensive.

Maintenance: an alarm system is subject to periodical maintenance, as established by the regulations. Maintenance is a supplementary cost, but can avoid subsequent costs and especially low system efficacy.

Insurance: it is a good idea to try to obtain the best price for theft/damage insurance, completely regardless of the existence of an alarm system, since linking that to this may create reimbursement difficulties in case of a criminal event, by offering the insurance company reasons to dispute.

Taxation: the alarm system can be subject to fiscal exemption and total or partial VAT recuperation, according to the type of use and contract: it is advised to look into this aspect before carrying out the purchase.

Technical problems: the "false alarm", trial for all users, almost always depends on an incorrect use of the devices or an incautious positioning of the devices, or on inappropriate "saving" which determines the system's instability. The device itself is almost never itself responsible for the problem, in fact in over 30 years of business Silentron has never had a single legal controversy claim for defects: in case of real fault of the product, the warranty offered by Silentron is amply enough to quickly find a remedy.

Technical problems: the safety of an alarm system also depends on the detector adjustment thresholds set in the installation phase. These are, inevitably, a compromise between better efficacy and insensitivity to occasional factors, technically similar to an intrusion. greater sensitivity = greater safety = greater risk of untimely alarms. For protections in external environments, this aspect gains even more important relevance. because of this, management of the Silentron alarms is such to be able to sound sirens at the maximum power, or activate strongly dissuasive vocal messages, but in respect of public peace, in function of the use and location of the various devices.

Use of the alarm system: we are the first to know that this kind of purchase is not intended for the enjoyment of "material use", typical of other electronic products, but on the other hand this purchase could safeguard your material goods and, sometimes, your own safety as well as that of your loved ones. It is useless unless used according to a "safety philosophy" that must become your natural habit: closing the protected fixtures, inside and outside, always engaging the system, partially or totally according to the times, taking care of its maintenance, are fundamental aspects for your safety. Unfortunately the criminal event is not pre-announced, so it is necessary to always be prepared, taking the preventive aspect into account, first of all. Later is too late.