Silentron endeavors to protect people and property. For this reason, it always recommends to give priority to the deterring features of a security system rather than limiting its purpose to mere warning/reporting tasks and makes available equipment and solutions specifically for this purpose which it views as a security installation’s primary purpose.

Silentron’s systems are not only able to protect, they can also handle commands and automation controls which directly concern security issues, in this case aimed at performing operations (opening/closing gates, turning on lights, irrigation and similar command) or signal danger for people or events things (sickness, accidents, smoke, gas, flooding, etc.).

All Silentron’s products comply with current regulations and use. In some cases, product’s installation must be performed by skilled industry technicians, where necessary with direct telephone support. All Silentron’s systems feature 24/7 supervision and different two-way communication modes which are established based on the type of control panel being used. Through the use of specific devices you can validate events through images, remotely manage maintenance and faults as well as home automation functions (APP and/or SMS text to control/monitor).

Distribution Network
Silentron supplies protection systems preventing intrusion/aggression and home automation devices for the residential, commercial and industrial market since it was first established.

Silentron has selected specialized distribution as its sales channel, i.e. structured businesses operating in the security/automation industry who maintain stock to immediately supply devices and spare parts as well as that offer technical support on site and can therefore partner to make the best use of its products.

Technical/Sales Support
Silentron offers distributors and their installers training and refresher courses on regular basis, instant technical support over the phone and knowledgeable sales support through corporate advertising, various kinds of publications, posters, stickers and gadgets. Silentron also offers a mobile office (show-truck) which is set up with demonstration products that can be used on demand to attend local tradeshows and other sales initiatives which a distributor and installer may wish to take part in.

Customized Production
Silentron is always available to examine and recommend solutions concerning the production of single devices or complete systems with third parties brand name, in compliance with existing marketing regulations. A key feature of its business production flexibility of Silentron manufacturing operations are based entirely in Italy.

For the marketing of its products Silentron only employs experienced technical/sales staff that is directly hired both in Italy and abroad as well as trained and motivated in-house Its team is therefore technically and sales competent, offering extensive operational capability.

Legal Support
Members of Silentron’s staff are registered Surveyors and Experts of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, as well as registered Technical Consultants of the Court of Turin. Our personnel is directly and indirectly available to supply customers with tips, advice, technical expertise or other relevant undertakings should any legal issues arise.