The History

Silentron S.p.A. was established in 1978 as an “s.n.c.” company with a highly innovative goal: to create wireless burglar alarm systems. During the first years, the Company’s commitment included the research and development as well as the manufacturing and sales of simple alarm systems to be combined with safety locks which were also being developed at that time. Over time the Company grew by successfully overcoming the market’s distrust for the new wireless technology by establishing this technology as a good solution for alarm systems in residential environments. The Company started to become well known in the industry during the early 90's. Silentron acquired its new headquarters in Turin, it was employing about 30 people and was making more than 10 billion pounds in revenue by selling also abroad.

From the year 2000 onwards, the Company developed new and more technologically advanced systems along with a solid Italian and international distribution network thanks to its fair trade expansion policy which is based on product’s quality and after-sale technical service. This lead to significant and increasing revenues.

Silentron S.p.A. became part of Nice S.p.A. Group in 2008, putting in place significant production and trade synergies with the automation and home automation markets. Revenue ranged at around 8 million euro and the Company brilliantly overcame periods of economic recession, with uninterrupted positive income statements since 1996.

Despite being part of a group making more than 270 million in sales that is listed on the Milan stock exchange, Silentron S.p.A. retains the flexibility of a small company, which enables it to appropriately respond to market demands, including those of custom supplies for third party companies who wish to operate in security industry.

As the "Alarm System" division of the Group, Silentron S.p.A. is currently committed to developing new security product lines for all "private label” brands worldwide. It also operates directly on the security systems market with the objective to cater and strengthen its Italian and international distribution network through specialized industry importers/distributors and by focusing on medium to high residential and commercial end-users, which are Silentron’s products intended segments.

Forecasting an increasing private security demand in the future, the Company is investing and will continue to invest on its products striving to maintain the leadership role attained from its very beginnings in the advanced security system industry. The recent launch of Silenya Advanced, the new wireless web based alarm system with event image validation and fully manageable via App attests this commitment.

Silentron is Italian brand leader in the security industry thanks to its users information, installer and distributor training, pursuit of product quality as a primary goal and its alarm systems’ dissuasive effects along with the simple and flexible integration of home automation functions.