Projects and Leadership Milestones

We have been manufacturing electronic security systems and equipment for almost 40 years. Many of our technical solutions have been highly innovative and have charted the technological development of the security industry. Looking back on our accomplishments throughout time, we have built a timeline that shows our uninterrupted commitment to the evolution and innovation of our products.

1978  Electron Snc. is first established and then turned into Silentron Sas in 1980
1978  Our GM1 and GM2 recess armored doors burglar control units are developed and manufactured
1979  Silent, the first Italian "wireless" PLC burglar alarm system is developed
1980  Silent alarm system evolves by offering up to 6 self-protected and self-powered wireless detectors
1981  Silentine, a simple wireless alarm system with 2 detectors, remote control and external siren is built
1981  Silentron is among the organizers of Torino Security, the first industry tradeshow, which will later become "Sicurezza"
1982  Silentron expands range by developing FOX hardwired control panels for residential use featuring various accessories
1982  The first edition of "Sicurezza" tradeshow takes place in Milan and Silentron is among its promoters
1983  Fox control panels are offered with built-in radio receiver to control different wireless detectors thereby creating the first "hybrid" alarm system.
1984  Silentron invents the first wireless door contact which a built-in door case and tamper sensor
1985  The first PIR detectors with longer range batteries (2 years and longer) are developed
1986  "Coso", a wireless control panel with remote controls, PIR detector and powerful built-in siren is developed
1987  Wireless door contact evolves and features roller shutter sensor controls and auxiliary input
1987  The first Italian radio receiver that uses very low power (10uA!) is created
1988  Wireless control panels become modular: 4 and 8 zones Modulo control panel is developed
1989  Interchangeable receivers for Silentron wireless alarm detectors are marketed
1990  10.000 "Coso" control panels are manufactured and sold in one single year!
1991  Wireless dual technology detectors are designed and developed
1992  The PSTN telephone dialler (landline) expands and is available on board of hybrid Modulo systems
1993  The new NFA2P (France) certified aluminium SPES sirens are designed and developed
1994  Coso and Modulo control panels undergo full restyling and reengineering to become Silent Pir and Silent Wire
1995  Peripheral wireless accessories are expanded with new remote controls and Mito detectors
1996  The new Silent wireless system with 32-bit encoding, 8 areas, 3 partitions and external keyboard is developed
1997  The PSTN telephone dialler in integrated into the new Silent System (built-in phone)
1998  The fully wireless, battery powered GSM dialler is designed and implemented
1999  Detector range is expanded with smoke and flooding alarm reporting devices
2000  Purchase of the new Turin registered office (2500 square meters) and Company's move to the new premises
2001  Silent system evolves by expanding to 9 supervised (automatically controlled) areas
2002  Telephone dialler evolves with built-in GSM module and Moduline radio receivers
2003  Two miniaturized wireless control panels are produced and PIR detectors are restyled
2004  Two-way radio dual-frequency components are designed and developed
2005  The new wireless Silenya System with 99 zones, three partitions and built-in GSM dialer starts to be designed
2005  The first active infrared intrusion detection wireless barrier (patent) is developed
2006  The new hardwired and wireless 64-bit protocol supervised Silenya system is marketed
2007  The Silenya range detectors are restyled and technologically upgraded
2008  Third party product lines (systems including control panels and accessories) are designed and developed
2009  Bus system range (Sil-Bus) with accessories is designed and developed
2010  Low-cost Sirenya range destined to O.E.M. and DIY market is created
2011  Silenya wireless systems are technologically and aesthetically restyled leading to the Silenya HT (High Technology) range
2012  Silentron’s voice siren is created along with specific outdoor property protection detectors
2013  New bi-directional modulated RF protocol is designed and implemented
2014  Aries, the first automatic burglar deterring device dispersing irritating gases, is developed
2015  PhotoPir, the detector with a built-in camera to validate an alarm through video images is designed and implemented
2016  Silenya Advanced is launched. It is the innovative and most comprehensive wireless alarm system on the market to date that operated over Wi-Fi to control cameras or PhotoPir and is fully managed over its APP.