5580 Ariete

Active pepper spray diffuser

Ariete is a reactive protection device for areas containing large amounts of valuables, where a lucrative theft may occur quickly, even during an alarm. Equipped with a pepper spray aerosol can (compliant to current regulations), the device sprays the gas on command, deterring the intruder from the crime. Ariete is battery-operated and is walls mounted in closed and delimited areas, where its action may be contained. The device can be controlled over radio or wire by a burglary alarm system via radio or by standalone electrical controls. It has three activation levels , allowing the greatest safety of use.

Ariete is suitable for the security of display cases, display windows, small areas containing valuables such as armored rooms, closets containing safes, etc. The device can be operated using a remote control and therefore also as personal protection from attacks in areas through which people have to pass. As there is no specific regulation governing the use of automatic active deterrents, it is recommended to provide warning signs advising that this type of protection is installed.

Size (h×l×d)
228×80×84 mm

1.10 Kg

Size (h×l×d)
135.5×31×27.5 mm

0.12 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor

Metal structure
with Styrofoam cover

Power Supply
Ariete is a wireless device: 6 1.5V 16Ah size C alkaline batteries. Battery life: over 3 years. Battery life considerably diminishes if unit is frequently alarmed.

Tamper protection
Only when connected with a Silentron burglar alarm systems, Ariete reports to the control panel any attempts to open the housing (tampering).

Radio Transmission/Reception
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Capacity is suitable for the intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Operation of the device must always be checked by removing aerosol can and checking correct mechanical movement of the device.

Ariete has three activation levels:
1) arming: this command is always sent through a radio signal, either from a Silentron control panel or, when there is no control panel, from key-activated device part no. 5515AR
2) pre-alarm: this is always sent through a radio signal from transmitter 5515AR, triggered by a magnetic contact, or from the control panel when the alarm is in progress.

3) spraying: this can be an electric command transmitted by wire (contact closure) or the transmission of a radio signal sent by a Silentron detector which must be received within a time set by the second command.

Spraying time is adjustable, for maximum effectiveness, but even when adjusted to the maximum it does not allow dispensing amounts greater than 20 mg. LED lights provide precise information on operating conditions.

Aesthetic solutions
Ariete is built with an anonymous white plastic housing in order to be as unobtrusive as possible.