5535 Hablo

Wireless message loudspeaker

This device can sound and/or reproduce two recorded messages triggered by a radio command. It supplies a useful feature to any burglar alarm system as well as in any dangerous or uncertain condition as a deterrent and to report an information and/or issue a warning during specific events.

Suitable with any kind of burglar alarm, hazard alarm and fire detection system. Home automation operations where voice announcements may be required or useful due to specific events.

ll-mounted, indoor and outdoor (safely sheltered from environmental conditions). Greatest flexibility thanks to a connection free installation.

Size (h×l×d)
145×106×30 mm

0.18 Kg

Environmental class
3 - Outdoor sheltered


Power Supply
3 LR14 1.5V alkaline batteries. Battery life varies based on the number and frequency of alarm events.

Radio reception
EU compliant single frequency operations (433 MHz). Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Battery check is performed during any operation.

Potenza sonora
Over 75 db at 1 meter.

Local signals
Low battery level is reported with repeated beeping.

The device is able to receives radio commands sent by a control panel, detectors, remote controls and keypads. Voice messages are recorded directly on the device. It features the following operating modes:
Mode 1 “siren”: controlled by the alarm control panel, it operates like siren 5532 reporting at a lower sound level: arming with 3 “beeps”, disarming with 1 beep while broadcasting prealarm and external alarm voice announcements.
Mode 2 “operating conditions indicator”: controlled by the control panel, it reports system arming and disarming using the above described acoustic signals. LED flashes when system is armed. It also reports if any fixture is left open and/or an alarm has occurred.

Mode 3 “hybrid functions”:
Controlled by the control panel, it reports “operation confirmed” (voice recording) each time the system is armed/disarmed. It also transmits a recorded message when triggered by a detector or a remote control (up to 16 programmable detectors/remote controls).
Mode 4 “voice warning”: it announces up two recorded message that are controlled by 16 + 16 detectors/remote controls.