5529C Controller Touch Screen

Wireless DualBand control panel

This touch screen control panel can manage up to 32 wireless indoor and outdoor detectors and sirens. It also displays performed operations an possible system faults not encripted. It is the tangible heart of a local wireless monitoring and alarm system that protects both indoor and outdoor environments.

Controller’s “natural” application as a control panel managing outoor dectors. It may be employed in addition to an existing traditional alarm system or as a stand alone cost-effective solution to develop local systems.

Controllers is designed as a practical desktop panel that can be moved within its radio range as long as it is connected to a power outlet. It’s easy and intuitive setup allows to display clear text to identify its various functions.

Size (h×l×d)
80×135×105 mm

0.44 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
230V power supply with 2 3.6V 2Ah AA lithium back-up batteries. Battery life: about 72 hours without any power.

Tamper protection
The unit reports when it is being opened.

Wireless transmission/ reception
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
“Test” function can be enabled at any time. The unit stores the last 100 events with the oldest ones being replaced by the newer ones.

On-bord touch keypad Bi-directional remote controls (up to 8).

Wireless external devices
The unit manages up to 32 wireless external devices (detectors, sirens, etc.) which are individually identified by their corresponding text lable.

Operating Zones
Controller features two alarm zones (A and B) which can be individually armed. Differentiated siren alarm (sound and/or voice) can be set up for each zone.

Local alarm devices
The unit is compatible with all Silentron alarm devices.

Built-in buzzer and large touch screen where functions are clearly displayed.

Alarms can be transmitted outdoors by installing a wireless Senior telephone transmitter.