5529 KeyPad Touch Screen HT

Bidirectional Dual Band keypad

This touchpad is used to totally and partially arm/disarm a burglar alarm control panel, to display and check performed operations and system anomalies, as well as to manage residential electric loads through appropriate receivers.

In conjunction with any Silenya HT control panel it is used for burglar alarm systems with built-in and external detectors for homes, offices and warehouses. Stand-alone home automation systems to manage home electrical loads through appropriate receivers.

Keypad Touch can be wall mounted or used as a handy table top panel. Operation codes are preset directly on the control panel and can be used on all keypads connected to the system. Each system component may be identified with editable text labels that may be entered and/or downloaded from the control panel using a PC (requires cable part no. 5987).

Size (h×l×d)
106×135×30 mm

0.23 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
2 lithium AA LS 14500 - 3.6V batteries. Battery life: 12 to 24 months (battery life varies based on alarms events’ frequency). 230V power supply unit: the device can be supplied with an additional power supply unit (part no. 5978) as well as with one or two backup batteries and become an attractive table top panel. For wall-mounted installations, a 14V power supply unit with plug (part no. 5991) is also available.

Tamper protection
Reports device being opened.

Radio Transmission/Reception
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
System’s check is performed with every operation and same is validated by command confirmation.

1) Command to the control unit to activate all, just one, or a number of zones, deactivation command, both following input of a 5-digit code. Subsequent confirmation from the control unit that the command has been received.
2) Command as above, but with simultaneous sending of a silent alarm by telephone to the numbers specified (anti-duress).
3) Querying of control unit status (totally/partially activated or deactivated)
4) Transmission of alarm to control unit, with or without activation of siren, with or without activation of telephone calls (Zones/Groups 24h).
5) Transmission to the control unit of 2+16 home automation commands for various uses.

6) Transmission of commands to various types of local radio receiver for activation of home automations.

Local signals
Armed zones (A,B,C) - Events - Protected fixture left open - Low battery of one or more components - Control unit’s low battery.