5515B/M Sensor HT

Dual channel door/window opening sensor

This device is designed to offer double protection of home fixtures (perimeter protection) against opening and/or break-in. It features a built-in window/door opening sensor and an input to connect an additional hardwired sensor to protect both the inside and the outside of the fixture, thereby supplying a higher safety at the same price. Programming the device from the control panel is easy and straightforward. Sensor HT is fixed at the fixture jamb, positioning the magnet on its mobile part in such a way that an alarm is triggered when it moves away from the sensor. For higher break-in sensitivity, Sensor’s casing must be mounted on the area that is most likely to be attacked. Any sensors that may be connected to the available input will be independently handled: since the input has a quick impulse count and its own alarm code, it is recognized by the control panel separately from magnet/sensor movement.

Reports window opening + break-in and/or violent impact + input for other passive sensor. It is specifically used to protect home both inside and external fixtures. Sensor can also be used to complete a wireless system with various types of probes, connecting them to the NC/NO input.

Size (h×l×d)
135.5×31×27.5 mm

0.12 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


EN 50131

Power Supply
9V 6LR61 alkaline battery. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use. Battery life considerably decreases when widow/door is often opened.

Tamper protection
Reports device being opened and detached from the wall.

Radio transmission
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Detection is confirmed by the led light with every opening. When the system is armed, the test is performed by triggering an alarm and by verifying control panel’s signal reception.

- Alarm due to the mobile part moving away from the fixed part, possibility of signaling any fixtures that have been left open.

- Alarm due to violent impact or fixture break-in, adjusted in the factory. Same code as above.

- Alarm due to action on the NC/ NO input working also as pulse counting. Different code: the alarm is independently recognized by the control panel.

In addition to the alarms, Sensor reports: tampering when it is verified, operating condition (supervision) and any low battery level every 40 minutes. The control panel reports these signals following arming and/or disarming operations.

Local signals
Alarm/test LED, which also signals low battery by quickly flashing for a few seconds.