5513B3 LaserBeam HT DT

Dual-Tech barrier (Active I.R. + Radar) indoor and outdoor protection

This device has two thin bars, approximately 1m in length, to be installed at the sides of a fixture; three red infrared at different heights are created between the bars, which the passing of a person interrupts: subsequently, a radar controlled is activated, which detectors the intruder’s movement therefore setting off an alarm. Using two different detection technologies on the same device, possible improper alarm due to various random causes are reduced.

Protection of transit areas up to 6 m in an alarm system, both indoor and outdoor (sheltered from elements).

The thin structure of the devices makes installation easy and without aesthetic problems, but care must be taken in placing the two bars perfectly face to face. By strictly following the instructions programming is easy. It is recommended not to expose the devices to direct sunlight, in case remedy through installation mechanisms (opaque borders at the exposed sides of the bars).

Size (h×l×d)
950×33×33 mm

0.98 Kg

Environmental class
3 - Outdoor sheltered


Power Supply
6 LR14 1.5V alkaline batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use.

Tamper protection
Reports opening of battery compartment. Tamper protection is automatically enabled when the system is armed.

Radio transmission
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
When the battery compartment is open, there is acoustic confirmation of the ray’s interruption (continuous beep) and of the radar alarm (intermittent beep). When using an operating system the test take place by triggering an alarm and by verifying that signal is received by the control panel.

1) immediate arming of the radar following the interruption of one or more rays (events not signaled via radio).

2) radar check and alarm transmission to the control panel if there are people moving within the transit area.

3) reports via radio restored conditions (alarm end).

4) reports tampering attempts, operating conditions (supervision) and checks battery level every 40 minutes.

An additional 4-ray barrier is available (part no. 5413 E4 supplied with batteries) which extends protection up to a height of approximately 2m and automatically operates once connected to the basic barrier. Equally available, an additional battery pack (part no. 5977 supplied with batteries) which doubles battery life of barrier 5513B3, if installed without the above described extension.