5510LC PIR HT (Low Cost)

Wireless IR detector

This unit is a volumetric detector that identifies an intruder moving in the protected by detecting the typical physical parameters of a person, mainly his/her temperature difference compared to the one of the room’s background. It is therefore a reliable intruder detector that operates using widely acknowledged and employed technologies.

Volumetric intrusion detection for large indoor areas extending to approximately 6x12 meters.

Lack of wiring constraints favors its appropriate positioning, which is essential for these kind of devices’ proper operations. Wall mount the device at approximately 2.2 meter height in a suitable corner of the room. Carefully perform the adjustments to ensure that they meet protected areas’ requirements (PIR Sensitivity - Pulse Count - Temperature compensation Activation - LED Exclusion).

Size (h×l×d)
160×86×48.7 mm

0.16 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


EN 50131

Power Supply
Three 1.5V AA batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use. Battery life considerably decreases in busy areas.

Tamper protection
Reports device being opened.

Radio transmission
CE compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
When the unit’s TEST mode is enabled, its LED indicator reports the detection of any human movement. When using an operating system the test take place by triggering an alarm and by checking that signal is received by the control panel.

The device’s standard operating condition is “enabled”. Adjustments must be suitable to enable the detection of an individual accessing a protected environment when same has made approximately three steps. The unit temporarily disables after each alarm to lessen power use. The device also reports tamper alarm, supervisory signal and low battery level which are displayed by the control panel.

Double alarm function
The unit can transmit a single alarm or two different code consecutive alarms over a set period of time. This allows you to set the detector with the AND function on the control panel thereby further decreasing the likelihood of false alarms being triggered.

LED Indicators
Pir HT AA features an alarm/test LED (can be excluded), which also reports low battery level by quickly flashing for a few seconds.