5500 Silenya HT GSM Top
5502 Silenya HT Top

Control panels for hybrid hardwired & wireless Dual Band systems

3 alarm zones + three 24-hour zones (panic, robbery and hazard)

99 radio + 6 hardwired

1 + 1 for hardwired self-powered and not self-powered sirens + radio signals for wireless sirens

Home automation
outputs 2 volt-free changeover relays + 16 radio for RX

Built-in telephone transmitter
PSTN+GSM (available for 5500) PSTN (available for 5502)

These control panels are a most comprehensive solution when the alarm system is designed with a widespread use of wireless detectors, wireless controls and wireless alarm devices as well as, when feasible or cost-effective, with hardwired components. Both devices are supplied with a two-way telephone transmitter via landline, with one model also featuring transmission via the GSM network.

Burglar alarm systems with built-in and external detectors for homes, offices and warehouses; supports expansion with hazard alarms detectors (smoke, floods, etc.) and manual controls for aid calls (fainting, assault, etc.); supports audio environmental monitoring (listen-in) and command transmission over the telephone for local operations.

Easy programming through the built-in keypad and display or over a PC (using cable part no. 5997). Supports additional voice setup wizard (board part no. 30029GB). Distribution of intrusion detectors on three alarm zone groups with possibility of individual zone/groups (A, B, C). Each system component is identified with text and voice labels. Three 24h zones/groups for hazard and manual alarms with sirens’ activation or exclusion.

Size (h×l×d)
307×200×53 mm

1.2 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


EN 50131

Additional features of 5500 model built-in GSM (requires a SIM card, not included)

- Remote alarm transmission: alarm reporting is assured also by transmission over GSM network; SIM card’s balance and expiry date monitoring. Transmits 6 + 11 alarm and data text messages to the user.

- Telephone calls: the control panel may be used to make standard telephone calls over the GSM network. Speaker phone function for environmental monitoring (listen-in) and transmission (talk)capability.

- Home automation: the control panel’s home automation operations are simplified with the recognition of the calling number.

Power Supply
230V AC 50/60Hz with battery charger for 12V DC 2.2Ah internal rechargeable battery (not supplied). Battery life: approximately 36-hour without mains power supply (when no other hardwired device is connected).

Tamper protection
It signal that the device’s housing has been opened and/or that it has been detached from the wall.

Radio Reception/Transmission
EU compliant factory encoded Dual Band operations that are handled through microprocessor’s self-learning capability. Display of radio signal range. All external devices are supervised and feature scanning protection.

Monitoring and Testing
The “Test” function may be enabled at any time; history log records up to 200 events; the control panel’s main functions are announced with voice messages.

Command devices
Built-in keypad (up to 32 five-digit individual codes). Supports an unlimited number of two-way wireless keypads (same 5-digit codes). Two-way remote controls (up to 32).

Radio detectors
Manages up to 99 different detectors with individually programmable alarm delay. Each detector is uniquely identified with text and voice labels. Special detector functions
1. Supports “And” detector configuration for each of the 99 zones.
2. A zone/groups for external detectors may be managed with a differentiated alarm.

Hardwired detectors
6 NC inputs are available for traditional detectors. The number of detectors which can be installed, depends on their power use: approximately 300mAh are available (10 detectors of 30mA each).

Local alarm devices
Excludable indoor siren. Supports virtually an unlimited number of indoor/outdoor wireless sirens. Supports self-powered hardwired siren connected to the provided battery recharging output. Supports additional hardwired sirens.

Remote alarm transmission
Sends 6 pre-recorded voice messages to preset numbers (up to 63) which can also be linked to a single event. Supports environmental monitoring (listen-in) and transmission (talk)capability (GSM model). Supports digital protocol alarm transmission to monitoring centers equipped with the appropriate receiver using Contact ID and FSK 200 baud (Cesa 200) formats.

Home automation
Supports system’s arming/ disarming/monitoring over the telephone and/or internal timer. Supports remote handling of 2+16 operations (switching on lights, electric devices activation) through appropriate RX receivers. The user receives a notifying message following a call to the control unit.

Using Teleservice Unit part no. 5996, the installer will be able to remotely manage the control panel. Supports digital protocol alarm transmission to monitoring centers.

Local signals
All main events are displayed on screen and reported with voice announcements. Supports an additional external loudspeaker.

Remote management
These control panels can be remotely managed over the PSTN line and over Teleservice unit part no. 5996 connected to a PC.

Programming via PC
Supports control panel’s programming over a PC (requires cable part no. 5997).