5155 Vocalphone SENIOR

Two-way GSM telephone transmitter

This device transmits 4 prerecorded voice messages + 4 alarm/monitoring SMS messages employing individually controlled inputs to 63 preset phone numbers over the GSM line. It also allows to remotely transmit 2 commands which are sent by pressing the keys of the remote phone.

All kinds of alarm systems and/or automatic alerts and/or automatic assistance requests with reply capability. Remote control of electrical devices over the phone. Remote control to operate home automation functions when the receiver recognizes the ring tone (63 users - no call cost).

Wall-mount or installed within other devices which offer GSM range. Optional 230VAC individual power supply unit and optional wireless receiver.

Size (h×l×d)
110×161×30 mm

0.70 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
12 VDC regulated voltage. Back-up batteries: two 3.6V 2Ah AA lithium batteries. Battery life varies based on usage.

Tamper protection
The device reports when housing is being opened.

Monitoring and Testing
Enabled when operating.

- 4 recorded voice messages for up to 120 seconds total recording time
- 4 SMS messages, each SMS can be up to 24 characters long
- 1 reply wizard voice message
- 6 pre-recorded information SMS messages
- 63 programmable numbers
- SIM expiry monitoring
- Credit balance check
- 50 events memory log
- 2 commands remotely transmitted with SMS messages and/or DTMF - remote capability to edit numbers stored in the phone book.

GSM Antimasking
Automatically switches on and off every 12 hours.

Home automation
Controls two NPN outputs over the phone.

Display to setup the device and sounds operation.

Simple operations over a 16-key keypad, prompt driven menu and display.

1) Power supply unit part no. 5991 for 230VAC mains power operation.
2) Desktop power supply unit part no. 5978 for mains power operation provided with room for an RX3 receiver.
3) RX3 radio receiver part no. 5543 to wirelessly control an input for voice and text message transmission.

You must order accessories 2 and 3 together with the unit since they must be factory installed.

For additional information, please contact Silentron’s Technical and Sales Support.