Hardwired IR detector with integrated balancing resistors

This device is a volumetric detector that detects an intruder moving within the protected area by capturing the difference in temperature of the moving target compared to background temperature. Small Pir W features integrated balancing resistors that offer to flexibly and quickly install these detectors with balanced inputs control panels.

Up to about 4x8 meter indoor volumetric protection.

Use the supplied brackets to fasten Small Pir W to the wall, preferably in a suitable corner of the room at about a 2.2 meter height. Carefully perform adjustments to ensure that they meet protected areas’ requirements (PIR Sensitivity - Pulse Count - Tamper Exclusion - LED Exclusion - Temperature compensation Activation - Operation with SilBus or Silenya HT control panels).

Size (h×l×d)
135.5×31×27.5 mm

0.12 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
10.5-13.8 Vdc - Absorption: 5mA

Tamper protection
the device reports when it is being opened and detached from the wall.

Monitoring and Testing
The unit’s LED indicator confrms the detection of each human movement during TEST mode (open tamper switch). Enable operating system’s and control panel’s TEST mode, then trigger an alarm to check control panel’s signal reception.

LED indicators
LED indicator alarm can be excluded.

Features The device’s settings must be adjusted in such as way as to report when a person enters the protected area after approximately three steps. The unit reports tampering as it occurs in addition to intrusion alarm.

5961 universal joint
This accessory can be used when you must point a volumetric detector. Caution: unless you adopt some installation trick, you will loose tamper protection against unit’s removal when using the joint.