4001Kit (4A)/4003Kit (1.5A)
Metal Sil-Bus control panel

With touch-screen master display

These control panels are a most comprehensive Can-Bus (the best bus technology available on the market) or standard hardwired radio expandable solution when the alarm system is designed with 1 or more than 120 detectors, on balanced lines. This through two control panels modules: one with power supply up to 1,5A and internal battery up to 17Ah for smaller systems; the other noe with power supply 4A and internal battery up to 48Ah, for industrial and commercial use. All devices are supplied with two-way telephone transmitters via landlines and can be integrated with GSM module part no. 4099 (optional).

Burglar alarm systems with detectors for homes, offces and warehouses; supports expansion with hazard alarms detectors (gas, smoke, floods, etc.) and manual controls for aid calls (fainting, assault, etc.); supports audio environmental monitoring (listen-in) and command transmission over the telephone for local operations.

Easy programming with a Touch-Screen keypad or PC, locally or remotely. Distribution of intrusion detectors on 6 alarm zones activated individually and/or in programmable groups. Three 24/24h zones for hazard and manual alarms with sirens’ activation or exclusion. 6 inputs for active detectors that manage alarm and tamper functions on a balanced line; it is possible to expand using single- or 6-input BUS/ Interfaces and with two-way radio interfaces (up to 64 dual frequency transmitting external devices). 1 free changeover relay output; expandable through BUS relay boards (up to 16) and radio relay boards (up to 16).

Size (h×l×d)
380×365×130 mm

4.8 Kg

EN 50131

Size (h×l×d)
258×338×80 mm

4 Kg

EN 50131

Additional features with integration of the GSM board part no. 4099 (SIM card required, not included)
Remote alarm transmission:
alarm reporting is assured also by transmission over the PSTN line and/or GSM network; SIM card’s balance and expiry date monitoring. Sends to the user 10 + 6 alarm and data text messages.
Remote alarm transmission:
alarm reporting is assured also by transmission over the PSTN line and/or GSM network; SIM card’s balance and expiry date monitoring. Sends to the user 10 + 6 alarm and data text messages.
Home automation:
simplifed home automation operations carried out on the control panel with caller ID and SmartPhone application.
Remote management via GPRS:
with a PC and internet connection, the installer can manage all of the the control panel’s functions, including adjusting detector parameters in real-time.
APP for SmartPhone:
through Silentron’s Android SILBUS APP the user can immediately have all of the control panel command and control functions on his/her SmartPhone.

Features of radio Transmission/Reception with RF concentrator integration part no. 4085
EU compliant Dual Band operations. All external devices are supervised and feature scanning protection (apart from remote controls); Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Tamper protection
It reports that the device’s housing has been opened and that it has been detached from the wall.

Additional features with integration of the Board Video part no. 3798
Control of 4 video cameras via cable, with or without DVR, matching them up with one or more detectors in the system. In case of alarm, the control panel picks a number of frames and sends them as MMSs to the user and/or security service, allowing them to view the event in real time.

Monitoring and Testing
“Test” function may be enabled at any time; the system stores up to 500 events; voice messages to the user for the main functions of the control panel are available.

Up to 1+6 Touch-Screen keypads (up to 32 fve-digit individual codes); Recessed BUS version (every reader occupies an address) and wired-version (max of 4 for each Touch-Screen) TAG readers.

Radio concentrator:
The integration of the radio dualband interface in the system allows to manage an unlimited number of sirens and up to 64 peripheral devices, keypads excluded.

Special detector functions
1. detectors can be in AND and OR.
2. detector may be programmed in multiple zones. A zone’s external.
3. detectors may be managed with a differentiated alarm.
Local alarm devices 1 (or more) self-powered sirens with internal battery; 1 (or more) not self-powered internal sirens.
Radio concentrator: integrating the radio interface into the system allows the use of indoor/ outdoor sirens, via radio, in almost unlimited numbers.

Remote alarm transmission
Sends 10 pre-recorded voice messages to preset numbers (up to 63) which can also be linked to a single event. Supports audio surveillance using GSM during transmission. Supports digital protocol alarm transmission to monitoring centers equipped with the appropriate receiver using Contact ID and FSK 200 baud (Cesa 200) formats.

Home automation
It is possible to arm/disarm/ check system by telephone and/ or timer; to remotely control 1+32 operations (switching on lights, switching on electric appliances) through appropriate relay boards (16 BUS + 16 radio); listen to information message for the user following a call to the control panel.

Supports control panel’s remote control management and digital protocol alarm transmission to monitoring centers.

Local signals
All main events are displayed on the Touch-Screen and reported with voice announcements.

Remote management GSM Module:
Integrating the GSM module into the system allows the control panels to be managed remotely.

Programming via PC
Supports control panel’s programming over a PC (requires cable part no. 5997).