Water sensor - Smoke sensor - TX0

As part of an alarm system, these devices operate 24 hours a day to promptly report a potential or an actual danger in the area that they control by transmitting the alarm signal to the control panel.

Two-way DualBand GFSK transmission
Indoor installation only
Opening and removal tamper protection
Local and remote control panel setup
Long battery life (more than 4 years)

Water sensor

Part no. 7175

Flood detector. Two-way wireless DualBand flood detector. Suitably installed with the sensitive section near the floor, it triggers an alarm when water short-circuits the probe.

• Easy battery replacement (CR123)

Smoke sensor

art no. 7190

Two-way wireless DualBand Fire hazard Detector - EN14604 compliant. The device reports fire hazard due to the detection of visible and invisible smoke. Caution! Kitchen steam is detected as a fire hazard.

• Easy battery replacement
(LR14 9V alkaline battery)
• Local audible alarm
• Test key


Part no. 7191

Two-way DualBand transmitter for all kinds of sensors and/or electrical probes. This device features two NC/NO/counter terminals that can be setup from the control panel. Any kind of selfpowered probe or sensor that provides electrical contact output can be connected to the device’s terminals. This feature allows you to exploit all of Silenya Advanced control panels’ local and remote reporting capabilities through any suitable device on the market.

• Easy battery replacement (CR123)