Software Silentron

Silentron BOX - Upgrade Firmware - APP SmartPhone

This software, downloaded for free from the Silentron website, allow Silentron control panels to be programmed, remotely managed and updated.

Silentron BOX:
a SilBus and SilenyaHT control panel programming and remote management software, used with a PC.

Upgrade SilBus:
software to update SilBus touch-screen and control panel frmware.

Upgrade SilenyaHT:
software to update Silenya HT control panel frmware App SilHT: Android and Apple software for remote Silenya HT system management (fnal user).

App SilBus:
Android software for remote SilBus system management (fnal user).

Silenya HT control panels are remotely managed over Router Teleservice using the PSTN line. SilBus control panels are remotely managed over GPRS

Control panel/PC connecting cable
Connected to a PC, this accessory provides the installer with the means to program and upgrade control panel’s frmware and local use of the Silentron Box Software. Access is simple and intuitive and does not require any specifc knowledge

Use of Silentron APP
Thanks for the APPs it is possible to arm, totally or partially disarm the system; monitoring the status or last recorded events; remaining credits and commands for home automation devices. To use the APP it is necessary that control panels are equipped with GSM module and that the phone number is registered on address book in “Direct access”. For SilHT it is necessary to disable the guide vocal message 7.

The use of Silentron’s App is subject to service cost applied by your telephone operator; the execution of operations requires phone calls to the control panel and/or sent of sms text messages.