PhotoPIR Evo / PhotoPIR Evo Plane

Motion detector with camera

PhotoPIR is a range of intrusion detectors with built-in camera that, when enabled, sends the alarm signal to the control panel while capturing and immediately transmitting to the unit snapshots of the surrounding environment over the local WiFi network that is managed by the Silenya Advanced control panel. The camera takes 640x480 pixels color pictures, focusing at about 5.6 m from its location, both in the event of an alarm and on-demand over the phone. Although with some quality loss, thanks to the illuminator flash you can identify an unusual shape in the environment even when it is totally dark. The snapshots that are transmitted to the control panel are stored and then sent remotely according to preset mode or displayed on the control panel’s screen.

Control panels support PhotoPir as well as IP cameras that are always enabled.

• Two-way DualBand GFSK alarm transmission
• Indoor and sheltered outdoor installation (class 3)
• WiFi snapshot transmission
• Supports optional consumer WiFi repeater for greater coverage
• Opening and removal tamper protection
• Local and remote control panel setup
• Easy battery replacement (2xCR123)
• About 1 year battery life (closely linked with amount of camera use)
• Lenses vary based on different versions (see below)
• Optional corner mount bracket

Part no. 7150
Motion detector with camera

Part no. 7152
Motion detector (Pet Imm.) with camera

EN 50131-3
Grade 2
Class III
IP 40
0,5 Kg
Water resistant PCB
Temp. -10°/+40° C RH 75%