5996 TeleService

Remote system management device

This device is essential for the installer wishing to supply an immediate after-sales assistance to the customer. It allows to operate on the Silenya HT control panels over the PSTN line, carrying out checks and/or changes to the system.

Remote Silenya HT control panel management.

The device must be connected to the installer’s PC and to the landline, then powered and set using the supplied Software. Only one device is needed to manage all control panels

Size (h×l×d)
110×161×100 mm

0.43 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
230V AC 50/60Hz with battery charger for internal rechargeable 6V DC 1.2Ah batteries (not included). Battery life: approximately 36 hours without mains power supply.

Teleservice also allows system boards and events log for all installed control panels to be memorized, therefore constituting an archive, essential to provide a better service.

The device allows remote operations on a virtual keypad, identical to the one on the control panel, carrying out operations in the same simple manner. The user, when front of the control panel, will see the operations carried out on the display and understand the work being performed.