5528 KeyPad HT

Bidirectional Dual Band LED Keypad

This device is used to totally and partially arm/disarm a burglar alarm control panel (and therefore a burglar alarm system), to display and check performed operations and system anomalies.

In conjunction with any Silenya HT control panel it is used for burglar alarm systems with built-in and external detectors for homes, offices and warehouses.

This keypad can be wall mounted indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area that is convenient to carry out operations. It must be appropriately configured to operate in conjunction with selected control panel. Operation codes are preset directly on the control panel and can be used for all keypads connected to the system. The system supports the use of several keypads (the limit is fixed by the number of used keypads +detectors+bidirectional sirens that cannot be more than 99 units).

Size (h×l×d)
145×106×30 mm

0.18 Kg

Environmental class
3 - Outdoor sheltered


EN 50131

Power Supply
3 AA 1.5V batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use.

Tamper protection
Reports device being opened and/or detached from the wall.

Radio Transmission/Reception
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
System’s check is performed with every operation and same is validated by command confirmation.

1) Partially (one or more selectable zones) or totally arm and disarm the system after having entered 5-digit authorization code using the control panel. Control panel acknowledges arming/disarming command by confirming it.
2) Enable a duress/silent alarm as above by entering the duress code. When this code is entered, arming/disarming commands also trigger alarm transmission to preset telephone numbers.
3) Interrogate control panel’s condition (total/partial arming or disarming, anomalies).
4) Alarm transmission to the control panel with or without Siren/Tel. call activation.
5) Send 2+16 home automation different purpose commands to the control panel.
6) Send selected types of commands to local receivers for home automation operations.

Local signals a seguito di una manovra di inserimento e/o disinserimento:
Armed zones (A,B,C,) - Transmission in progress - New event (check control panel’s memory) - Protected fixture left open - Low battery of one or more system components - Keypad’s low battery - Awaiting reply.