Wireless dual curtain PIR detector with anti masking protection for access areas

This device is a dual curtain PIR detector that detects an intruder moving within the protected area by capturing the difference in temperature of the moving target compared to background temperature. Supplied with two pyro-electric sensors and an appropriate curtain lens, it offers a volumetric coverage that is especially suitable to protect accesses like doors and windows (even when they are open) as it creates a vertical curtain within the fixture’s opening and another slightly more inward curtain. The alarm is triggered when both curtains are crossed from one side or the other.

Volumetric coverage of up to 8x8 meter access areas.

The absence of wiring constraints favours its appropriate positioning, which is crucial for these devices’ proper operations. The device must be installed on a corner of the frame, between the window and shutter or rolling shutter, using the appropriate support. Make sure that one of the two barriers develops towards the outside of the opening. Use Siletron’s remote control to configure settings (sensitivity, pulse count, temperature compensation, PIR1 and 2, anti-masking, tamper, LED exclusion, the two sensors’ AND function) according to access area’s requirements without having to open the device

Size (h×l×d)
79x79x23 mm

0.2 Kg

Environmental class
3 - Outdoors, sheltered from elements


EN 50131-2-2 compliant

Power supply:
1 CR123 3V 1.4Ah lithium battery - Battery life: varies according to the number of alarms being triggered and how many times the LED indicator is enabled. Battery life when protecting a window exceeds three years, while it considerably diminishes when used to protect a door according to how frequently the door is being crossed.

Tamper protection
The supplied two circular magnets trigger tamper alarm when the devices is detached from its bracket even when tamper attempts are made using electromagnetic means. Battery compartment is effectively protected as it may be accessed only by detaching the device from its bracket.

Radio transmission
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Tamper alarm is triggered 5 seconds after the device is slipped off the bracket. TEST mode is enabled for 3 minutes to allow functional tests without the alarm being triggered.

Multicolour LED indicator displaying alarm, test and setup mode (requires remote control).

The device is always enabled, but it performs an operation lockout period after each alarm is transmitted to limit power use. An alarm is always triggered by the two areas are being crossed.

You can optionally set it to trigger the alarm only when access is made from one side of the fixture and not from the other side. The device reports masking attempts as well as attempts to slide the device off its bracket, its operating conditions (supervision) and low battery levels.