Wireless infrared detector with anti masking protection and glass break detection

This device integrates a passive infrared detector (PIR) and a microphone glass break detector. The two technologies may be set to report two individual alarm signals (OR function) to the control panel or to send the alarm signal only when “glass break” is detected with motion being detected within the following 3 minutes (AND function).

Volumetric protection through motion detection and glass break microphone for rooms sized from 40 to 50 square meters or smaller.

The absence of wiring constraints aids its appropriate positioning, which is crucial for these devices’ proper operations. The device must be wall mounted at a 2 to 2.5 meter (see protected area drawing). Bracket part no. 80850 is available for corner installations . The most effective Grass Break operations are achieved when the detector is installed facing windows’ wall. Settings (for PIR: sensitivity, pulse count, double alarm, temperature compensation, anti-masking, tamper, LED exclusion - for Glass Break: sensitivity, AND/OR sensitivity, operation for individual alarm or alarm only with motion detection) may be performed according to area’s requirements.

Size (h×l×d):
160×86×48.7 mm

0.16 Kg

Environmental class:
2 - Indoor


PIR section is
EN 50131-2-2 compliant

Power supply:
Three 1.5V AA batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use. Battery life decreases considerably when used in busy areas.

Tamper protection
The device reports when it is being opened and detached from the wall.

Radio transmission
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
The LED indicator may be used to perform glass break range and sensitivity tests.

Both types of detection are always enabled, but the PIR section performs an operation lockout period after each alarm is transmitted to limit power use. You may set PIR to trigger an alarm only after two consecutive detections when used in busy areas. The control panel with identify motion detection and glass break detection individually when OR function is set. The device reports PIR masking attempts, tamper attempts, its operating conditions (supervision) and low battery levels.

A tri-colour LED colours lights up the lens to report events.

When set to AND function:
- orange = Glass break alarm detection;
- red = sending PIR alarm to control panel

When set to OR function:
- orange = Glass break alarm detection;
- green = PIR alarm detection;
- red = sending alarm signals.

5 consecutive beeps will sound after each alarm transmission to locally report that batteries need to be replaced.