5409 Sentinel

Radio signal repeater

When installed in compliance with provided instructions, this device solves and Silentron installation radio range issue. It receives and repeats, amplifying them, system’s radio signals thereby extending the range of one or more device.

Burglar alarm system fitted with built-in and external detectors where the structures and/or distances require it.

The device must be placed between the transmitters which are not received and the alarm control panel, closer to the first than to the second. Tests to locate most suitable positioning must be carried out in difficult conditions Sentinel may be hidden (for example underneath furniture) and is connected to main power supply.

Size (h×l×d)
66×126×48 mm

0.2 Kg

Environmental class


Power Supply
230V AC 50/60 Hz with battery charger for internal rechargeable 6V DC 1.2 Ah battery (supplied). Battery life: approx. 36-hour without mains power supply.

Tamper protection
It signals the opening of the device’s housing.

Radio transmission
Features EU compliant Dual Band operations, with display of eceived radio signal. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Transmission indicator LED.

The device repeats the signals of the remote controls and/or keypads, of the detectors, of the alarm control panel. Each function can be excluded in order to limits its use according to need. It also has an NC alarm input which can be used to transmit to the control panel from especially remote areas (for example garages located outside of buildings) or to protect the device itself.

Except for particular cases, it is recommended not to install more than one device for each system. Remember that, unless excluded, all transmitter signals at useful range for Sentinel are repeated: this means possible double alarms and an increased power use of all battery operated receiving devices (control panels, sirens and various displayers), decreasing battery life.