5034 SR–P

Wireless indoor siren

These sirens are an extremely effective deterrent since they violently disturb an intruder. The overall effectiveness of the system will significantly increase when an adequate number of sirens is employed.

All burglary alarm systems applications.

The device can be installed on the wall or simply hidden above high furniture. Using more than one siren per system offers a higher deterring effect since same will be more difficult to locate and to demolish.

Size (h×l×d)
97×157×44 mm

0.7 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
3 LR14 1.5 V alkaline batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use.

Tamper protection
3 minute tamper alarm. Excludable alarm for maintenance purposes.

Radio reception
EU compliant single frequency (433 MHz) operations; range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Although sirens emit a sound each time the system is armed/ disarmed to confirm same, triggering an alarm is the best way to test sirens. The sound level that sirens emit is the best assurance of their proper operations and battery power supply. Low sound levels are a sure indication that battery level is low.

When triggered by the control panel, these sirens sounds for 3 minutes.

Local signals
- total/partial system arming = 3 beeps
- disarming = 1 beep (volume adjustable to zero)
- low battery = repeated “beeps” after the system has been armed/ disarmed.

Sound level
Over 106 db at 1 m.