4085 RF Bus Concentrator

Dual Band Two-way Radio Interface

This device is a radio expansion interface which allows wireless Silentron devices to be used with SilBus systems.

Please note: one or two 4085 concentrators can be installed on each Sil Bus system to attain a greater coverage.

Refer to the characteristics of the devices related to the interface.

The device is supplied in a housing suited for recessed installation in a 503 housing. It can also be installed in view, in housing part no. 88328 along with its plate part no. 88329.

Please note: recessed installation and/or any metal plates can considerably diminish radio range.

Size (h×l×d)
55×102×23 mm

0.06 Kg

With accessories:
Size (h×l×d)
95×120×33 mm

0.11 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
12V DC

Monitoring and Testing
Refer to the characteristics of the devices related to the interface.

Tamper protection
Cover-lid protection is triggered when the rear inside cover of the device is opened: in order to attain forced removal protection in the two installation solutions you must install a longer spring (included) on the tamper switch, so that it stays pressed down against the bottom of the 503 housing and/ or wall.

The device is a dual frequency radio transceiver and allows radio control of:

a) from 1 to 64 detectors and/ or Silentron remote controls. It receives the signals and directs them to the control panel through the bus;

b) from 1 or 16 RX Silentron transceivers for load control (any electric device that can be controlled with the relay).

c) an unlimited number of Silentron indoor/outdoor sirens and displayers.

Local signals
Flashing red LED = active bus node