4031 Hablo Bus

Hardwired voice dissuader

This device can sound and/or broadcast a recorded message, it is therefore useful to inform/deter in alarm systems as well as in any other situation of danger or doubt, where there is a need to broadcast information and/or warnings following specifc events.a

Any type of burglar alarm or hazard alarm system and any fre detection system. Automation where clear voice communication is necessary or useful following specifc events.

The device is wall-mounted indoors (recommended) or outdoors: in this case, Hablo Bus must be properly sheltered from weather conditions.

Size (h×l×d)
145×106×30 mm

0.18 Kg

Environmental class
3 - Outdoor sheltered


Power Supply
3 1.5V 2Ah AA alkaline batteries. Battery life: at least 100 alarm cycles. When the batteries are running low a set of acoustic signals will sound when the alarm is silenced. Alternatively to the batteries, the device may be connected to power supply unit part no. 5992.

Monitoring and Testing
Battery check is performed with every operation.

Potenza sonora
Max 65 db at 1 m.a.

This is an acoustic and voice warning device for alarm events that are triggered when the electrical contact on the terminal board is opened, either tripping, or waiting three minutes, or closing the contact. In a Sil-Bus system, the device can be piloted by a Bus relay board. If there is a recorded Hablo Bus message, it will be broadcasted. If there is no recorded message it will sound intermittent acoustic signals. It is possible to adjust the volume of the message from the trimmer (VOL).

Local signals
The device signals a low batteries condition with repeatedbeeps.