4030 SR AA BUS

Outdoor BUS siren with voice warning

This siren is an effective deterrent thanks to its powerful sound, the broadcast of its voice announcements and its flashing orange LEDS. Voice messages allow you to “warn” the intruder locally, inducing him to desist, without disturbing the peace. This feature is especially useful when combined with local external detectors as same are more prone to trigger false alarms.

Multi-use alarm means for Sil-Bus burglar alarm systems.

SR AA Bus must be wall mounted in an area that is protected from the elements and that is diffcult to reach as siren may be the target of tampering attempts. You can install up to 4 sirens for each Sil-Bus control panel and each one can be freely associated with one or more system zones. Bus cable must not be visible and can also be protected by a part. no. 4009 Bus Repeater. This bus repeater/isolator must be installed upstream of the BUS line to be installed outdoors.

Size (h×l×d):
270x203x73 mm

1.6 Kg

Environmental class:
3 - Outdoors, sheltered from elements


EN 50131-1; 50131-4 compliant

Power supply:
13.8VDC supplied directly from the BUS line, with 14.5V step-up stated on the board to assure that the internal battery is appropriately charged (standard rechargeable 12V 2.2Ah PB - not supplied). Battery is crucial for the device’s proper operation and its charge level is checked on a daily basis by the control panel.

Tamper protection
The device reports attempts to open, remove and break-into the unit.

Monitoring and Testing
You can briefly enabled siren from the control panel in order to test its operation. Power losses could require internal battery replacement when same is worn out.

SR AA Bus operates only when used with a SilBus control panel

reporting the following events. The sound level of all voice/ audible alarms is adjustable from zero to the loudest available volume and can be associated with excludable LED flashing.
System arming: three beeps.
System disarming: one beep.
Pre-alarm (input delay): voice warning or intermittent beeping for preset time with associated and excludable LED flashing.
Audible/Tamper alarm: siren sounds at the loudest volume for up to 240 seconds (adjustable) while flashing.
Voice Alarm (replacing audible alarm): siren broadcasts a pre-recorded voice announcement that is repeated for preset time while flashing.
Note: since alarms are assigned to each individual detector, each detector can trigger voice o audible alarms as required.

Sound power and flashing
- Audible alarm:
over 118 db at 1m.
- Optical alarm: orange flashing strip-LED, about 40 flashes/min.