4021 Touch-Screen Slave

This device is an additional touch-pad that allows users to control the system. It supplies: total/partial arming/disarming capability; clear control of operations that have been performed and any system anomaly; capability to control electric loads in the house over their receivers.

User interface that allows to manage and control SilBus burglar alarm systems ftted with indoor and outdoor detectors and installed residential and industrial facilities.

The device communicates with the control panel through the BUS. It can be wall and/or box 503-mounted. Every keypad can be enabled to work on one or more alarm zones. The codes for the actions are displayed directly on the master keypad and can be used on all enabled keypads. Each system component is identifed with text and voice labels. It offers the possibility of identifying the parts of the system with specifc labels (written), that are freely entered on the master keypad.

Size (h×l×d)
106×135×30 mm

0.23 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


EN 50131

Power Supply
12V DC

Tamper protection
Reports device being opened.

Monitoring and Testing
System’s check is performed with every operation and same is validated by command confrmation.

Local signals
Armed zones - Events - Protected fxture left open - Low battery of one or more system components - Touch-pad low battery.

1. Command sent to the control panel to fully arm all or one or more selected zones, disarming command, both requiring a 5-digit CODE. Subsequent reception of confrmation of the sent command from the control panel.

2. Operates as above over appropriate magnetic TAG and integrated TAG reader.

3. Operates as above and transmits over the phone a silent alarm to preset numbers. (duress alarm).

4. Displays control panel’s operating mode (totally/partially armed or disarmed)

5. Alarm transmission to the control panel, with or without siren activation, with or without telephone calls activation (24h zones).

6. Transmission to the control panel of 1+32 home automation commands for various uses.