4019 Glass-Break Bus Detector

Glass-break detector

This device is built to signal the breaking of glass in a room.

Volumetric protection through a microphone in rooms sized approximately 6 x 4 meters or smaller ones

Positioning the device appropriately is of paramount importance for it to properly operate. The device must be wall mounted at a least a 2 m height facing the wall where most windows are located.

Size (h×l×d)
80×108×43 mm

0.16 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
12V DC

Tamper protection
This produces a signal when the device is opened.

Monitoring and Testing
A simple clap of the hands causes the switching on of the LED, to demonstrate that the device is active and functioning.

Warning: this does not cause the actual alarm: if wanting to also verify the state of the alarm, breaking of a glass must be faked with mechanisms or use the appropriate test device.

This device features a microphone which is sensible to the acoustic frequencies typically heard by glass, porcelain and similar materials breaking. In addition to the intrusion alarm, Glass-Break detector signals tampering when the event occurs.

Local signals
The device has alarm/test LED indicators.