4017 W-Pir Bus

Infrared detector in curtain pattern (transit area protection)

This device is a volumetric detector that detects an intruder moving within the protected area by capturing the difference in temperature of the moving target compared to background temperature. The distinct curtain-pattern lens makes W-Pir especially suitable to volumetrically protect access passages like doors and windows, even when same are open.

Protection against transit areas crossing of up to 6 m (adjustable) x approximately 45°

These devices must be suitably positioned in order to properly operate. Install W Pir wall-mounted over transit area, facing the area to be protected. Carefully perform the adjustments, which must be appropriate for the environment to be protected (PIR Sensitivity - Pulse Count - Temperature compensation - Led exclusion).

Size (h×l×d)
115×30×20 mm

0.12 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


Power Supply
12V DC

Tamper protection
A tamper alarm is triggered when the junction box is opened. Set ‘test’ mode from control panel before performing any maintenance. The device does not offer tamper protection against forced removal.

Monitoring and Testing
Detection is confrmed by the led light at every human movement, unless excluded during programming phase. When using an operating system the test take place by triggering an alarm and by verifying that signal is received by the control panel.

The device signals the intrusion by detecting the temperature difference between the target moving inside the protected area and the background. Specifc device positioning and adjustments (see design) allow to prevent small animals detection, reducing protection: for safety reasons, it is however recommended to avoid the presence of animals in protected buildings. In addition to intrusion alarm, the devices reports tampering when the event occurs.

5961 universal joint
- This accessory can be used when it is necessary to point the detectors.