4014 Pir Bus AA

Anti-masking infrared detector

This device is a volumetric detector that detects an intruder moving within the protected area by capturing the temperature difference of the moving target compared to background temperature. It follows a reliable intruder detector, based on widely known and widespread technologies.

Volumetric intrusion detection of large indoor areas extending to approximately 6x12 meters.

Correct positioning is essential for these devices to operate properly. They are fxed to the wall, possibly in a buildings’ suitable corner, at a height of approximately 2.2 m. Carefully perform the adjustments, which must be appropriate for the environment to be protected (PIR Sensitivity - PIR Trigger Time - Pulse Count - Temperature compensation - Led exclusion - Anti-masking exclusion - Forced removal protection exclusion).

Size (h×l×d)
135×65×35 mm

0.09 Kg

Environmental class
2 - Indoor


EN 50131

Power Supply
12V DC

Tamper protection
The detector signals attempts of masking (these signals can set off a specifc alarm or a tampering alarm), or open and/or detach the device from the wall (tampering).

Monitoring and Testing
When the device is open LED confrms detection at every human movement. When using an operating system the test take place by triggering an alarm and by verifying that signal is received by the control panel.

The device is a volumetric motion detector which operates with infrared technology, detecting different temperature targets compared to the background. Protected volume may be adjusted like reaction times (pulse counter): accurate adjustment in the context of the protected location allows to signal intrusion of warm blooded individuals and animals, discriminating other possible causes of ill-timed alarm. All device adjustments occur directly through the touchscreen of the control panel after installation and may also be carried out with tele-management.

Local signals
Red alarm/test led.