Frame transmission circuit for Silentron alarm control panels

This device is an electronic board controlled by an evolved microprocessor, capable of receiving and managing up to 4 composite video signals, originating from standard CCTV cameras, also employing stand alone video surveillance system. The board is connected to Silentron control panels (5500 with frmware 3015S or following and all BUS models equipped with BUS module) by a supplied cable that is installed inside or near the control panel (Sil-Bus), in any box available on the market. Every video camera must be accordingly matched up with one or more detectors, so that one of their alarms enables the reception of selected area’s images.

The device can be used with all Silentron alarm systems, as remote visual and immediate confrmation of the local contingent situation.

Installation with control panel HT:
if used with control panel HT the board (cod. 5598) will be supplied with dedicated metal box that can be installes directly on the wall and support the control panel which can be fxed over that box: in this way all cable are hidden.

Size (h×l×d)
75x95x20 mm

0.05 Kg

Environmental class


Power Supply
12V DC Tamper protection

Tamper protection
is automatically enabled for each installed device. It is necessary to set it up suitably if the board is installed separately.

Monitoring and Testing
It is always possible to check device operation by requesting images to be sent by telephone.

The alarm control panel uses this device to manage existing or specifcally installed video cameras, with or without a connected DVR. When an alarm is triggered, a number of accordingly digitalised images are sent to the telephone dialer of the control panel, which sends them as MMSs to one or more numbers in the listed telephone numbers. It can therefore be possible to check what is happening from a cell phone or PC and take necessary action.

Enabled users can also request, by telephone and at any time, image transmission to monitor site’s conditions. All of this at extremely contained costs, since the device is sold at a very modest price and operates with any video camera.