0416 TX Board
0417 Scheda Radar (AND) + TX

For alarm detectors

These electronic boards allow the use of specific low consumption detectors available on the market, not manufactured by us, making them compatible with Silentron control panels and detectors. One of these (0416) is made of only a transmitter, therefore the features of the detector used remain the same. The other (0417) also has a radar detector which works in AND with non Silentron detector, constituting a double technology, highly reliable, device.

The lack of limitations due to wiring is useful to appropriately position the device which is of paramount importance for it to properly operate. There are various and different installation solutions for each system: a correct understanding of devices’ functioning and limits is crucial in order to attain effective results. Carefully perform the adjustments, which must be appropriate for the environment to be protected , which must be totally clear and solid (not grass). Programming from the control panel is easy and straightforward: we strongly recommend using the “external alarm” function on the control panels.

Size (h×l×d)
93×26.6×19.8 mm

Size (h×l×d)
95.5×64×23.5 mm

Anti-intrusion volumetric protection of open areas around buildings (see instructions of detector used). Warning: any detector placed outdoors is more prone to alarms accidentally being set off for various reasons, which only an accurate installation and management from the control panel can reduce, if not eliminate.

Power Supply
Since the power supply of the boards must also power the detector being used, the following elements are set-up:

TX Board:
9V GP1604A alkaline battery or equivalent battery. Battery life: approximately 18 months with standard use.

Radar Board + TX:
3 AA 1.5V batteries. Battery life: approximately two years with standard use. In both cases battery life considerably decreases when used in protected areas with heavy traffic.

Tamper protection
This produces a signal when the device is opened.

Radio transmission
EU compliant Dual Band frequency operations. Range is suitable for device’s intended use.

Monitoring and Testing
Refer to the features of the device that the Silentron boards are installed in.

These devices are usually active and adjustments must be such to signal a person entering the protected zones after three - five steps. To reduce power use, it trips after an alarm and only starts to detect again, after there is no

movement in the environment for a few minutes. Correct positioning and adjustments allow to avoid small animals detection: avoid the presence of plants, tall grass and other moving objects in the protected area. In addition to an intrusion alarm, the devices reports tampering as it occurs, its operating conditions (supervision) and checks battery levels every 40 minutes. The control panel reports these signals following any arming and/or disarming operations.

Local signals
The devices usually feature alarm/ test LED lights.